Liw Design, office for communication architecture and scenography was founded in Berlin in 2015 and stands for creative and experience-orientated spacial presentations. We develop architectural concepts for brands and businesses that have high expectations of creativity and functionality, experience and uniqueness. Our concepts and designs aim to make words superfluous. We work with an extensive network of experienced freelancers to tackle every project professionally with a solution-orientated approach.
Corporate Architecture, brand environments, interior design, trade fair design, exhibition design, shop and retail design, shop-in-shop design, showrooms, communications concepts
Concepts, design and planning, specifying and detailing existing drafts, CAD visualisation, Layout, image editing, final art-working, text production, coordination, project management, budget planning, realization and production monitoring.
Linda Wortmann is the founder of LIW Design. When she founded the studio for communication architecture in 2015, she started out with one central conviction: communicating brands within the public space requires one thing above all: strong concepts.

This foundation was shaped by her work for some of the top players in this area. The communication architect Linda Wortmann began gathering experience early on, working at “gmp-Architects von Gerkan, Marg and Partner” on international architecture projects. For TRIAD Berlin she designed major brand presentations. Her conclusion was that – especially in today’s world –
a strong presentation requires clear and convincing concepts.

Since founding LIW Design, briefs from clients such as the Federal Bureau of Printing and Engraving of Germany, Konzerthaus Berlin, Christian Fischbacher and the Goethe Institute in Mexico have proven her right. Staging projects in the public space follows the brand’s own logic of success. From small exclusive concepts to highly visible beacon projects at the world’s leading trade fairs: Linda Wortmann and her creative team find the corresponding presentation for your brand in the real space.

It is hardly surprising that in 2013 the Beuth University for Applied Sciences made her an adjunct professor for exactly this subject: interior design with a focus on concepts.

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