»21 Gramm – Café«

»Michelin – about moving people«

The Challenge
Rarely have we encountered a location requiring so much tact in transformation as the historical chapel building on the periphery of St. Thomas’ Cemetery in the Neukölln area of Berlin. Disused and undiscovered for decades, the annex of the cemetery’s chapel was to be transformed from an abandoned storage site to a modern café. The goal was a respectful resurrection of this location, making it one of the lively, pulsating meeting-points in Berlin.

The Concept
We let the space itself take the lead, re-enforcing the mighty interior in its powerful impressiveness. Bible quotations hidden beneath several layers of paint were brought back to light – and are now potent eye-catchers. The vaulted ceilings are accentuated by lighting fixtures including greenery, drawing the eye upwards. Between the colourful and richly decorated pillars, there are simple chairs which had a former life in various schools. Oak wood, steel and lots of living greenery resurrect the dignity of the chapel’s interior. The outside space evokes the unruly atmosphere of ancient cemetery sections: wild vines and meadow flowers in the grass abound. The central wooden bench runs around corners and edges, touching the historical red-brick wall. Thus, modern life meets a place of remembrance in harmony.

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