»Multicontainer – Mobile Architecture«



The sun is there for us all! And now everyone can make use of it. The new Multicontainer from Multicon Solar makes it possible to generate a self-sufficient power supply any- where – locally, very cost-efficiently and without using any pollutants.

How does it work? Inside, alongside an intelligent energy management system, are concealed powerful solar modules that can be flexibly and easily pushed out and installed – no specialist knowledge is required. Following their simple and rapid installation, they provide reliable energy in combination with the solar modules on the roof and container wall.

After sunset or in overcast conditions, power-saving batteries supply energy without interruption for up to two days.

Because the Multicontainer is so easy and simple to transport, it can be used in a variety of situations: From providing a temporary or long-term electricity supply to refugee camps, disaster regions, large-scale construction sites and hotel complexes, to serving as an emergency power generator as well as an adequate substitute for power grids and diesel generators.

No sooner has it been unloaded, it is fully operational: After just 30 minutes, the Multicontainer supplies its first electricity from the storage battery. And just a short time later, the collectors are ready to produce energy. Assembly functions according to the simple ‘plug & play’ principle. Even a technical layman can push the solar modules out of the container in no time – and stow them away again safely of course. This means they are well protected against storms, sand, theft and vandalism.

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