»LARS LEPPIN – Stilwerk«

»LARS LEPPIN – Stilwerk«

On the occasion of the company LARS LEPPIN’s move to a larger space within Berlin’s Stilwerk, a new store concept was commissioned, to be used for all future branches as well. The challenge was to distil an overall concept from the large number of furniture items already present at the previous shop and the shop-within-a-shop at KaDeWe, resulting in a homogeneous combination of the different furniture materials and formal languages. In addition, the customer wished to generate additional “enclosed” work stations within the footprint of the store, to have more square footage for the display of individual window decorations, and to implement the design in a cost-effective manner.

The solution: creating space through framework modules whose striking, orange high-gloss lacquer serves as an eye-catcher and also acts as an element whose colour and form supports the CI. These modules “frame” the various product and consultation areas, thereby creating room-within-a-room situations enabling quick orientation for the customer. The framework modules can also used to hang curtains for window decorations.

The highlight and centre of the shop floor is a semi-transparent space created by large framework modules covered with orange fabric. The desired work stations are located within this space.

Thus, a few significant measures implement a cost-efficient concept which utilizes existing furniture in a homogeneous manner and can also be used as a repeated, recognizable element in all the company’s stores and branches.


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