»BOSCH – CES 2015«


»BOSCH – CES 2015«

The fair stand is defined by architectural elements emitted from the booth’s round core like rays of light. At the centre the products and solutions symbolically melt into a single unit. The core of the booth fulfills two functions: On the upper level the visitor can experience a graphic 360° panorama demonstrating how the products interact. On the lower level a speaker’s forum is situated for presentations and interaction between visitors and employees.

Upon entering the booth, the visitor first encounters exhibits for the divisions of Mobility, Home and Future on the outer ring. As the visitors can enter the booth from all points, they can explore and appreciate it intuitively.

The speaker’s forum is at the heart of the booths and an ideal place to step into conversation. Here, the products and those who invent and develop them in the first place, come into contact with visitors, who can listen to expert presentations in an intimate setting, allowing discussion and exchange.

Visually the centre picks up the shape of the Bosch trademark logo and strikingly declares the central message: ‘ONE Bosch’.

Visitors can experience the innovations brought on by Bosch close up, haptically and in a realistic environment. Through this approach, Bosch technology steps into the foreground and the real sites of their applications become evident.


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