»Bundesdruckerei – CeBIT 2013«


»Bundesdruckerei – CeBIT 2013«

In the age of digitalization the federal printing office is the government’s most trusted associate when it comes to the development and implementation of far reaching security solutions (Secure ID Systems and services). Their know-how, documents and technology allow every citizen to move securely through digital, virtual and analogue worlds.

Documents and equipment, and the matching services, which guarantee secure identification, accompany every citizen everyday. People are hardly aware of this infrastructure which protects their identity and makes daily life easier.

The exhibition stand makes the infrastructure of products and services visible, and shows where, in the context of a city, they are being used. The main booth floor is built like a small scale model of a city which the visitor can walk through. There are three areas: Government, Business and Mobility. A number of technical exhibits and showcases are on display and vistors are invited to try them out. Just as in a real city, the floor plan is cut through by streets that subdivide the layout into areas such as the central marketplace or a triangular ‘speakers’ corner’ at the edge of the city.


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