»LIL Living in Line – Urban Planning«


»LIL Living in Line«

‚Longing for the city‘ – the desire for the riches of the urban environment/context, its cultural offerings, its multitudes of inspiration, adventures and beauty, in its squares large and small, winding alleys and grand boulevards …

„LIL Living in Line“ – an intelligent solution offering a maximum of freedom in its planning. In Berlin’s Mitte, a desire for space exists within the densely built up traditional block developments. Close to the city’s Hauptbahnhof, the area along Heidestraße, a central location with a proven record for experimental uses, lends itself to hosting an exceptional new space. As a modern metropolis, Berlin has to be open to new, site-specific solutions in urban planning once suitable space has been located. The area along Heidestraße is such a site, a clear slate that begs for an upgrade, an identity, and re-presentation.

LIVING IN LINE, a brave design concept has evolved out of intensive examination of the existing site and the search for an answer to the demands of the new generation’s way of ‘Living and Working’. ‘LIVING IN LINE’ is a transparent and communicative architecture, which speaks the language of this generation to fulfill its requirements.


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