»SHARP – IFA 2015«


»SHARP – IFA 2015«

SHARP presents itself at IFA 2015 at a booth measuring 772 square metres, showcasing its products, competencies and service strengths in various areas.

Most exhibitors offering white goods take a rather conventional approach when presenting their brand; most products are staged using media. There, the focus is exclusively on the products themselves.

At our fair presentation, we focus on the customer instead, creating an emotional experience for the visitor. The design connects the visitor with various areas, highlighting the individuality of solutions made by SHARP. Our goal is to make the visitor experience more emotional through creativity, entertainment, analogous interaction with visitors and vivid scenarios involving the products.

The booth features three different levels.

The first level is the promise – the SHARP campaign on the outer walls. Here, emotional images concentrate on the customer, not only on products.

The second level allows the visitor to experience the product, displaying various forms of show kitchens. Each product area is also supported by installations designed to strengthen customer identification with the products, e.g. clothing with laundry symbols reading “Your Favourite Clothes”, kitchen appliances labelled “Your Favourite Helpers”, or a fully set table: “Your Favourite Decoration”. At certain intervals, these products are interrupted by walls with give-aways eliciting the customer’s specific wishes. Thus, the customer receives attractive give-aways by answering questions, while SHARP learns more about its target group.

The centre of the booth contains the third and most important level, where customers and employees meet. These encounters are supported by touch tables allowing the customer to interact with the highlight wall through tweets. The highlight wall consists of three large speech bubbles containing LEDs behind mirrors. Thus, by being reflected both visually and through individualized tweets, the customer is symbolically placed at the centre of the fair booth and of SHARP’s core statement.


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