»Villeroy & Boch – Shop«


»Villeroy & Boch – Shop«

In Dänischburg next to the more established and recognizable showroom formats and existing successful FOC shops, a brand new retail concept is being introduced.

Set up like a market square under a naturally lit atrium, the new shop can be found right opposite the anchor store IKEA. With this position V&B aims for a ‘hybrid target audience’ that likes to shop at Ikea but also consumes higher quality products. V&B aims to meet this audience at eye-level, avoiding a high end atmosphere but also that of a bargain basement.

The task was to develop a concept which met these requirements in regards to all aspects: its retail structure, its range of products on offer and the overall character of the design.

The concept of the marketplace was chosen as it beautifully fulfills the demands for a distinct individuality, accommodates a wide variety of products as well as offering the possibility to display a large amount of merchandise stylishly.

The familiar goings-on of a market place with a delivery and loading area play an equally important role as the crates, boxes and warehouse shelving typically found in such an environment in constructing a persuasive narrative that takes the customer on a journey.

Using unexpected, state of the art materials as well as connecting the environment through new media to the virtual marketplace of the internet, takes the concept to a truly modern level.


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